Enchanted Club

by - May 01, 2017

Interested in exclusive discounts, sales and content?
We created a group page for you to join on Facebook so you could get all of these exclusive content.

All the items on EnchantedHoneyBee are handmade, due to it all being handmade there are times that some of the products do not turn out the way I wanted it. I'm always working on new products and ideas so it will be tough to get it right the first try. The items that are put aside will end up being sold at a discount price on the group page. Items sitting in our inventory will be mentioned as well.

The advantage of joining the group is getting notifications on our shop and items, you will be the first to hear about it before it is publicly announced. The Enchanted Club is for anyone to join, as long as you respect everyone in the group.

Feel free to "like" our facebook page!

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